Miami Tribe History

The sovereign Miami Tribe of Oklahoma is based in Miami, Oklahoma in the northeastern corner of the state. The population of the Nation is 4,000 and citizens can be found living in all 50 states as well as outside the boundaries of the United States. The Tribe's population is concentrated in northeastern Oklahoma, eastern Kansas, and northern Indiana. This reflects the historical experiences of a tribe that suffered a series of forced removals from our historic homelands - in what became the states of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan - to lands lying west of the Mississippi in what would become the state of Kansas, and then from Kansas to Indian Territory, which later became the state of Oklahoma.

Our culture and language identify us as the downstream people. The care and guidance of our elders, revitalization of our Tribal culture, traditions and customs.

In the Miami language, the Miami Tribe's name for itself is Myaamia, which means the Downstream People. The story of the Myaamia begins at a place we call Saakiiweeyonki, near where the St. Joseph's River empties into Lake Michigan. At some point in our distant past, our ancestors first emerged onto our homelands at Saakiiweeyonki.

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