Welcome BJ Tidwell


Welcoming BJ Tidwell


Iconic cabinet manufacturer returns to industry with expert team and new product

San Antonio, TX – April 22, 2015 – Renowned cabinet manufacturer B.J. Tidwell is returning to cabinetry,
backed by a team of industry veterans and armed with a superlative new product line.

Tidwell’s early passion for woodworking set him on a path that culminated in his name becoming one of
the most recognizable in the cabinet industry. After getting his start at a small cabinetry business, Tidwell
went on to successfully helm his own ventures. His respect for customers and business partners, combined
with his dedication to excellence and a knack for business, quickly established Tidwell within the profes-
sional woodworking landscape.

Leveraging the formidable experience he and his team had accumulated, Tidwell harnessed his natural
ingenuity and eye for process optimization to pioneer a production strategy that delivered high-quality
craftsmanship, at a large scale, while improving the efficiency of his team. The overwhelming success of
this new approach catapulted Tidwell onto the global stage, where his name pervaded the market, and his
team’s products set a new bar for the industry.

Now this iconic figure and his expert team are returning to the industry they redefined, eager to surpass
their former success. Recently acquired and partnering with Miami Nation Enterprises, B.J. Tidwell Cabine-
try is developing a stunning new line of cabinetry that will build upon the Tidwell legacy of superior
quality, and remind the cabinet industry why Tidwell remains the standard of excellence.

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